We design, manufacture, and sell LightItUp Keychains, Lamps, and Necklaces. We make custom light-up products for personal, home, business, sports groups, fundraisers, and more, 
Just call and ask for what you’d like made. 216.799.7917 or email us at: 

We would like to invite you to purchase our quality, handmade Lamps, Keychains and Necklaces right now online or come visit our LightItUp Stores in the historic Olmsted Falls Shopping District, within the Artist’s Gallery of Gifts, at the “Rift Shop” in Middleburg Hts. at Handmade Creations in Southland Shopping Center, next to Petco; and in North Royalton at The Cleveland Craft Nook. 

A message about us: 

Hello my name is Joseph Caggiano and I am the owner of FamilyFirstPartnerships LLC,, Fan Anthems LLC, and LightItupLLC. My most important and my favorite time spent is with my beautiful kids and raising them. I have two daughters and two sons, they are the four chambers to my heart and I may be feeling some empty nest syndrome and supplementing that by trying to channel my creativity and marketing talents into Happy Smiles for others, as I miss the days when they looked up with those happy little smiles and seeing people smile with our lights fulfills that. During the day I have the greatest career in being Life Agent for Lincon Heritage. It’s the best career choice and I love helping families. My hobbies include a music partnership to make Browns Songs at and at night, the hobby is to LIGHT IT Up… 
At Light IT UP we work with customers to create custom light up, color changing 3D design gifts for every occasion including color changing mood lamps, color changing keychains, color changing necklaces, color changing blue tooth-DawgTunes-speaker lamps, marketing products, stickers, and much more. We work with a local U.S Acrylic Company and all of our creations are done in one of our two creation stations, both equipped with a total of five industrial laser cutters, and engravers, in Lakewood and Columbia Station, Ohio. 
We got started 3yrs ago as our Master Engraver; Grandpa G. and his wide Mary started making light art with acrylic and he taught others how to use the equipment as we have to pay a lot of attention and care while the lasers are burning. Grandpa G, and myself; Joseph Caggiano partnered to apprentice each other and provide quality products to our fellow Clevelanders. For me, Partnering with Grandpa G was easy because he’s the best engraver and we pride ourselves in not using glues. Most that attempt to do what we do use glue and that causes discoloration over time and then breaks. We drill four holes and hand screw four screws in each keychain so they are solid! Each light we produce comes with a charger to recharge or light up, because we don’t want to sell a product that only lights up a little and expires, we want it to last, and we want to take pride in what we produce, and we do! 
We are only as strong as the people we surround ourselves with and I have brought some of my team from my other companies to partner in LightItUp and Joe Chuba our partner in Lightitup that works hand in hand with production to keep things producing in a timely fashion. Joe is a father of three triplets, and local kids soccer coach for The Parma Soccer league. We are fathers and family people making quality custom gifts for everyone. 

So feel free to ask any of us about custom orders, and what we can LIGHT UP for you and your ideas! 

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You can reach us at 216.799.7917 or email: or

 Light it up-"We manufacture Custom, personalized LED acrylic signs, night lights, awards, key chains and more in our Cleveland Ohio locations. In Columbia Station & Lakewood. Everything is made to our customers specifications. Most of our products started with a request from someone. If you don't see what you are looking for please ask." Check out some of our exclusive lines from Dawg Tunes or create your own with us. All of of Dawg Tunes Merchandise can be ordered here, by phone 216.799.7917 or at one of our 3 locations. The Rift Shop in Olmsted Falls, Cleveland Craft Nook in North Royalton, and Handmade Treasures  in Middelburgh Hts. Ohio

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Customize your exclusive light: Photo, words, text, cartoon character all can be customized.
There Emitting Color: warm white/cool white/nature white three-color Meet your different needs